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Top 10 Tips to Use Word Clouds in eLearning – eLearning Industry

Word clouds are ideal for eLearning professionals who are looking for ways to visually represent text, whether this is content within an eLearning course or writings of the learners. Color and size can be used to denote a word’s level of importance within the cloud, which helps learners to acquire and retain significant ideas (i.e. bolded words) more effectively. While word clouds are often associated with language arts eLearning courses, they can actually be used in virtually any eLearning setting.

Source: elearningindustry.com

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Cloud Storage!!! Good to know…

What do you feel if the notebook/PC suddenly crash, and all data at in. Frustration, sad and everything is ruin in just a second. So move to cloud storage as a back up plan to ensure your file save. Its free, with 20GB its enough to save your artwork, draft theses etc…so click this link

Install the app and DO A VERIFICATION in your email.
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Why Need Cloud Storage???

Cloud storage is the most powerful online-sharing and backup apps. You can save any native files and keep it just like in internal or external hard disk. There is a lists of service provider promoting their cloud storage such a dropbox, google drive, copy, skydrive and many more. Each of them offered a different size and features to give the best ways for users.  Here, i shared a wonderful video from DOTOTECH, how to start cloud storage with DROPBOX the most popular app nowadays…