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The present articles introduce the e-Portfolio as a storage, workspace and showcase to support teaching and learning in higher education institutions (HEIs). Thus, the mix-method approach was implemented on determining important elements of e-Portfolio as a storage, workspace and showcase for a social sciences and humanities context. This study implemented thematic analysis and Fuzzy Delphi Method to obtain the result. Therefore, 25 experts in instructional technology was participated in the process of the making a decision. As resulted, this study highlighted the fundamental of e-Portfolio consists; workspace, storage and showcase. Eventually, the instructional designer will understand and strategies on how to develop an effective e-Portfolio as learning support tool to enhance the learning experience between facilitator and learner.



PUBLICATION: Are Students Ready to Adopt E-Portfolio? Social Science and Humanities Context

This paper presents the learners readiness towards the implementation of E-Portfolio as means of solving the persistent problems in educational setting. The purpose of the study was to examine the learner’s readiness towards the implementation E-Portfolio in higher education. Initially, this paper was conducted a study with a total number of 300 students form Social Sciences and Humanites cluster and then practicing portfolio in their coursework. The pilot study was conducted and showed the reliability coefficient with Cronbach’s alpha () is 0.825. The instrument was divided into five components which involved (1) technology accessibility (2) online skills and relationship (3) motivation (4) internet discussion and (5) importance to success, to measure the learners’ readiness. The findings were reported that students are ready to have an E-Portfolio as a learning tool in constructing their knowledge and experience of learning. The E-Portfolio will extend the opportunity from paper-based into the electronic based with a variety of online learning features in gaining students interest and motivation in learning. At the end of the day, the E-Portfolio will not only benefit the students and the faculty but also towards the employability.
Are Students Ready to Adopt E-Portfolio? Social Science and Humanities Context. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/277325158_Are_Students_Ready_to_Adopt_E-Portfolio_Social_Science_and_Humanities_Context [accessed Jun 15, 2015].

The Best Way to Build Student E-Portfolios: Use Evernote

Although Evernote already is a fairly well-known app, very few educators realize its potential building and sharing student portfolios.

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Rethinking e-Portfolios

The diagramme reveals not only ownership issues, but possibly contradictory purposes for an e-Portfolio. Is an e-Portfolio intended as a space for learners to record all their learning – that which takes place in the home or in the workplace as well as in a course environment or is it a place or responding to prescribed outcomes for a course or learning programme? How much should a e-Portfolio be considered a tool for assessment and how much for reflection on learning?

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E-Portfolios: From Academia To The Workplace

“E-portfolios are becoming an increasingly important way for students to show what they know. But their value doesn’t end after graduation.


E-portfolios, which can be created in many different ways — from simple blogging platforms to specifically designed software and services — can help transition students from academia to different jobs and roles in the workplace.”

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5 Essential Questions About ePortfolios – Getting Smart by Susan Lucille Davis – edchat, EdTech, eportfolio

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You have – no doubt – tuned in to the buzz about ePortfolios. Digital portfolios certainly were the talk of ISTE 2012 in June.

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