Challenge-, Problem-, Project- & Inquiry-Based Learning | Eduwebinar

Four learning frameworks designed to engage students in solving real world problems and issues through asking key, driving questions.


In this webinar Karen explores four learning frameworks to identify

what they offer to support teaching and learning in the classroom,core elements and specific features for student engagement,examples of application, anddocumentation and information to support the development of further understanding of challenge-, problem-, project- and inquiry-based learning.


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Constructivism in practice: The case for meaning-making in the virtual world

This study examined whetherconstructivistpractices in the classroom help students make deeper, more meaningful knowledge constructions than those derived from traditional classroom practices. This chapter describes the relationship between the learning theory known as constructivism, the semiotic theory of signs, and the use of 3-D interactive environments as aconstructivistlearning tool.


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