Paper :The Effect of Pedagogical Agents in Learning Conditions and Their Possible Impact on Learning Gains

This paper presents the potential of pedagogical agent’s technology as means of solving some persistent problems in educational environment. The purpose of the research was to examine the effectiveness of the pedagogical agents to contribute the impact of learning gains among undergraduate degree programmed in education. Initially, a total number of 43 students enrolled for the subject Telecommunication and Networking participated in the pre-experimental research study using the Autotutor as the instrument. The pilot study was conducted and showed the reliability coefficient with Cronbach’s alpha is 0.979. The result showed the pedagogical agent making gains in learning (M=3.67, SD=0.641). The study was determining the potential of pedagogical agent in help in learning. The author found that, pedagogical agent extends to learner’s knowledge by providing several methods. If the learner is frustrated, for example, the tutor would need to generate hints to advance the learner in constructing knowledge, and make supportive empathetic comments to enhance motivation. If the learner is bored, the tutor would need to present more engaging or challenging problems for the learner to work on. If the learner is confused, the tutor would need to guide the learner in productive learning trajectories that oscillate between cognitive disequilibrium and equilibrium.

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