Paper : The Instructional Material Blended with Needham 5 Phases Strategy in Teaching Visual Art Education

This paper presented an instructional material integrate with technology and approaches to develop an effective computer based learning (CBL). This software was developed focusing on the historical of Malay traditional craft to help visual art teacher in daily teaching and learning. Multimedia courseware is the platform to students communicate, share and explore knowledge, these will be an opportunities during there learning session. The research question rises based on a possibility of multimedia courseware that employs a non-linear, problem-based, student-centered, constructivist approach to assist student’s learning. The uniqueness of this software is combined various types of Malay traditional craft in one complete teaching and learning courseware. In addition, multiple intelligence approaches was take apart to give impact in the teaching and learning process. This paper will discussed the effectiveness of instructional material and the implementation Needham 5 Phases Model in teaching visual art education.

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