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To Post or Not To Post

To Post or Not to Post


Optimize Your Posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and More

Creating great content isn’t enough.

If you want people to share it, you must consider the dynamics of each of your social networks and optimize your posts for each. This will maximize sharing and help you build your brand, engage with your target customers, create brand ambassadors, and ultimately improve lead acquisition and sales. Failing to polish your posts means that your content won’t be shared as much, limiting your ability to grow your audience.

There are many tricks of the trade, such as including a shortened URL in your LinkedIn posts, using mobile-friendly images on Facebook, and applying the rule of thirds on Instagram. Employing these tactics will help your social media marketing efforts pay off.

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Instagram Success: These Types of Images Drive the Most Engagement (Infographic)

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A new study unlocks the secrets to what’s most shared on the popular social network.

Curalate, a visual analytics and marketing firm, created algorithms to determine how over 30 factors — including color, lightness and saturation — affect an Instagram post’s performance. The company analyzed more than 8 million images from the photo-sharing platform.

The findings share are some tips to help businesses kick their Instagram presence into high-gear, including:

Keep it cool: Photos dominated by blues and other cool colors tend to garner more likes while photos with warmer oranges and reds do worse.

Master monochrome: The more dominant a single color is on an image, the more likes it could get. Pictures dominated by a single hue receive 40 percent more likes than those that don’t.

With color, less is more: It can be tempting to ratchet up the vibrancy, flooding your image with color to make it stand out. But in today’s overstimulated world, bright and vibrant colors can get lost. The proof is in the data: Curalate says less saturated images receive 18 percent more likes than their mover vibrant counterparts.

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Social Media Infographic 2013 : Which platform is growing the fastest?

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What is the most popular social network and which platform is growing the fastest? Find more of the latest facts infographic and figures about social media in 2013.


Syamsul Nor Azlan Mohamad‘s insight:

In just 60 sec, we spread things without boundaries. Social media become more powerful and fastest ever…

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