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New from TechSmith Labs: AppShow brings iOS screen recording to Mac

Today we officially launched TechSmith AppShow as a technical preview within TechSmith Labs. AppShow makes it easy to record an iOS device and create a com

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Exercise using Camtasia Studio & Sparkol as Authoring Tools

Recently, I was invited by AKEPT Malaysia to attend e-Learning for Teaching and Learning (Level 2 – Intermediate). I was so interesting when both of my supervisor’s become a speaker on that day. I would to share with you my trial using Camtasia Studio (Mac Version) and Sparkol VideoScribed.

For the set of introduction, I am using Sparkol. Sparkol is a web-based authoring tool available in the market. This application give you a 7 days trial version. But amazingly, the graphic and effect was so powerful and get you easier to create a content.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 11.36.10 PM(Screenshot of Sparkol Web-based Environment)

Camtasia Studio are available in two version; Windows and Mac. However, Mac Version is still have a limitation instead of Window. But my still can do it by providing online manual.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 11.35.56 PM(Screenshot of Camtasia Desktop-based Environment)

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 11.35.46 PMMerged the Sparkol output and Camtasia as an editing tool

Here is the outcome using both applications

How to Turn Off Automatic App Updates in iOS 7

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“Automatic Updates is a feature that came along with iOS 7 which allows updates to installed apps to download and install themselves, allowing for a very hands-off approach to the app updating process. For many users this is a good thing to leave on, since it takes the hassle out of updating and managing your apps, and you’ll only have to use the App Store to download new apps instead. But automatic updates are not always a desirable feature for all users for a variety of reasons, whether you’re trying to squeezes maximum performance out of a device, reduce overall network bandwidth used by an iPhone or iPad, or perhaps you’d just prefer to control the app updating process yourself. If you’d rather have apps not update themselves in the background, you can take a moment to turn the feature off.”

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Learning with ‘e’s: Mapping mobile learning

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Mobile technology is a game changer. For many that is already a reality. I have previously written on this blog about how mobile technology can give the edge and also about some of the social implications of learning on the …

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