iPad Specialized TNL Apps & URL’s

The Introduction of Mobile Learning

The Overview of iPad Apps

Dear, all participants, your are advisable to :

  1. Download the apps before workshop started
  2. Make a folders for each categories
  3. Make sure you have appstore ID and password to enable downloading and purchasing the apps
  4. Put your learning materials in dropbox or any cloud storage (ppt, doc, images etc).

Below are the compilation of learning tutorials for your references.

A) Cloud Storage

If you don’t have an account as stated below, please click directly to the link. REGISTER and VERIFY.

B) Graphic & Photo Manipulation

C) Documentation

D) Presentation

E) Screencasting

F) Social Networking

  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube

G) Knowledge & Sharing

  • Pinterest
  • Zite
  • Flipboard
  • Scoop It!
  • TED
  • Mendeley



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