Paper 9: Designing E-Portfolio with ARCS Motivational Design Strategies to Enhance Self-Directed Learning


This paper presents the instructional design effect on motivation towards the implementation of e-Portfolio with ARCS Motivational design strategies to enhance self-directed learning. The purpose of the study was to examine the learners’ motivation level after the implementation of e-Portfolio. Initially, this paper was conducted to study a total number of twenty-four students as a small group evaluation. The survey instrument was divided into four subscales which involved (1) attention, (2) relevance, (3) confidence, and (4) satisfaction to measure the motivation subscales among learners. The findings reported that learners’ motivation has a significant effect to create a desire and awareness in constructing, developing and exploring their knowledge. The e-Portfolio with ARCS motivational design strategies will enforce the learner in gaining their interest in learning. The integration of e-Portfolio and ARCS motivational design strategies will create an opportunity to enhance the transmission and instruction approach in teaching and learning for higher education environment.


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