Theories and Practices of Visual Art in Non Traditional Setting (PSV705)

Course Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Identify contemporary ideas in visual art education: the concept, scopes and common practices.
  2. Analyze the functions of art criticism in art and design education practices.
  3. Apply the DBAE approach in art and design education.
  4. Review art exhibition as a medium for the presentation of art.
Course Description
The course will survey some major theory and practices in making visual art education practices by arrangement with specialists in Art Education field such as curriculum, museum art educators, visual art therapy, multimedia, craft education etc. It is intended that students should work at a serious level in a specialist area with the emphasis on the field that they are already familiar so that the work will exhibit a standard level of understanding in each specialized field.
Syllabus Content
1. Learning Theoris in Art Education
2. Art Education and its function
3. Understanding design
4. Art Criticism in Art Education
5. Factors involved in description, and analyzing work of art
6. Interpretation and evaluation of work of Art
7. Approaches to the study of imagery and form
8. Sources of imagery, influences and content
9. The stages of development of works of art
10. The aesthetics of anti-aesthetic.
11. The Exhibition as a Medium for the Presentation of Art
12. Visit to the Musem/Gallery to preview the Exhibition
13. Review and discussion
Teaching Methodologies
  • Lectures
  • Presentation
  • Seminar/Colloquium
Continuous Assessment: 60.00%
Journal/Article Critique – 20%
Presentation – 20%
Written Report – 20%
Final Assessment: 40.00%
Final Project – 40%
Transferable Skills
Communication skills Problem solving skills
  1. Batschmann, The Artist In The Modern World., Yale Dumont., 1997
  2. De Sausmarez, M , Basic Design: The Dynamics of Visual Form, Lo, Studio Vista, 1975
  3. Gaudilios Y, Contemporary Issues in Art Education, Pub: Pearson. , 2002
  4. Herbert, R L (ed) , Modern Artist on Art. Engewood Cliffs, New Je, Prentice Hall, Inc, 1964
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  7. Le Corbusier , The moduler.London, Faber and Faber., 1951
  8. Mattick P, Art In Its Time: Routledge, London and New York, 2003
  9. Terence, Artist And Audience, Brown &Benchmark Publishers. London, 1996
  10. Kadinsky,, Concerning the Spiritual in Art. New York, Dover Publication, Inc, 1977

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