My passion is towards a lifelong learning and educate more trainee becoming a great visual art teacher…

Self of Potrait I

Syamsul Nor Azlan was a creative designer in line with advertising and corporate image before he changed his carrier path as a lecturer in Department of Art and Design Education, Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. Holding a M.Ed in Educational Technology from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He actually was focusing in multimedia and technology in promoting learning in interactive and informative mode. His research was explored the potential of intelligent tutoring system blended with learning. In addition, he was actively involved in photography through artwork exhibitions. Hence, with the combination of experience in creative line, multimedia and technology in education, he believes that can transform learning into different strategies and approach in future. Now, he is a Head of Department Art & Design Education operated in Faculty of Education, UiTM Shah Alam.

Things can be changed…

Everybody wanted the best in their life….What is your contribution???

Life is not easy man, truly not easy as you think. Let’ s start thinking want actually you contribute to yourself and others. ME…i’m just thinking give the best as i can and strive for my goal. This is a time to make a good path of your life….

Visual Therapy

Photo Therapy is about photography-as-communication rather than photography-as-art, no prior experience with cameras or the photographic arts is required for effective therapeutic use.

How Therapists Use Photos to Help People Heal

Most people keep photographs around, without ever pausing to really think about why. But, because personal snapshots permanently record important daily moments (and the associated emotions unconsciously embedded within these), they can serve as natural bridges for accessing, exploring, and communicating about feelings and memories (including deeply-buried or long-forgotten ones), along with any psycho therapeutic issues these bring to light. Therapists find that their clients’ photos frequently serve as tangible symbolic self-constructs and metaphoric transitional objects that silently offer inner “in-sight” in ways that word alone cannot as fully represent or deconstruction.

My Entry

It seem i like to shared my life’s through pictures. I’m felt that this how visual can help to cured my emotions through visual art therapy. I’m involved with photography is almost about 8 years, started with film, semi-digital and now fully digital. It’s occur when technology always changing and advancing to make sure life become easier. Digital photography now is common things for every young generation but the styles, the how we look is a different categories of photography….

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