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Ya Allah, rasanya dah lama tak update apa-apa dalam blog ni. Sibuk sangat bekerja sampai blog pun dah bersawang. Insyaallah akan dimeriahkan kembali blog ni…see you the next update ya !!! Chill….


N72 White Edition


This is my new gadget in my pocket N72 White Edition. With its pure white finish, the Nokia E72 White Edition has a clean, modern design that is both elegant and distinctive. Balancing form and function, this high-performance phone is built for seamless business and personal communication. Nokia E72 White Edition also comes complete with matching white accessories to complement your style


One of my wish list has been accomplish, new mac book pro for those inspire apple look in their office table. I accompanied my wife went to Machines at Mid Valley bought it at price RM3899 for body + RM229 Apple Magic Mice + VGA Adapter + RM138 Protector chasing + RM120 Belkin Backpack. I’m so lucky my kind wife with bought this to me and it take so long dream come true.

Mac is better at the things you do every day.

The things you do most often on a computer, like browsing the web, checking email, and working with Microsoft Office files, are some of the things the Mac does best.

The first time you use a Mac, you’ll quickly discover the benefits of a single company making the hardware, software, and operating system. Take the Multi-Touch trackpad on the MacBook Pro. Mac OS X Snow Leopard enables trackpad gestures, so you can interact more easily with your photos, documents, and the web. Zoom in or out on images with a pinch. Scroll up and down a page with a flick. Or flip through your web bookmarks like you’re turning the pages in a book.

A Mac also has Wi-Fi technology built in1 and can join wireless networks (even Windows networks) in a few clicks. Just select your network, enter a password if necessary, and you’re connected. There’s no configuration process or complicated setup. Like a lot of things, the Mac does it all for you.

A Mac is great at day-to-day things, too. It comes loaded with all the essentials for email, calendar, contacts, browsing the Internet, and much more. And since these applications are all made by Apple, they all work together seamlessly. The Mac can also open Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel, and even run Windows — so it’s compatible with the PC world.

Note: Thanks to my wife gave me a such beautiful gift…:)

PTK Preparation

PTK just around the corner, still lots of work to do. Preparing the grant proposal, latest work publication, reflective journal and slide presentation…all in progress, hopefully all can be finish before submission last on this monday…

Eleventh Month Baby


Eleventh Month Baby

Your baby’s first birthday is fast approaching. She’s learned so many skills already, and she has developed quite a personality. You may notice that your little one is a little bit of a show-off, and it isn’t any wonder! She probably has a continuous audience of family members and friends.

By the time your baby is approaching his first birthday, he may be taking a few tentative steps. Some babies have already mastered the art of walking, at least enough to get them from one place to another fairly quickly. Some babies still prefer to crawl, however, if they are in a hurry to reach a new destination.

Your baby may be able to feed herself simple finger foods, but you should still avoid giving her foods that are choking hazards, such as nuts, grapes, hot dogs, peanut butter, and hard candies.

He will still enjoy reading books with you, and you may discover that your little one loves to move to music. There are many educational videos and cds that play lots of fun songs which encourage your baby to move to the rhythm.

Don’t be surprise if your baby is very attached to you. He may cry when you leave him because he doesn’t understand the concept of time yet. Be sure to give him plenty of extra hugs and kisses before you leave and when you return. Eventually, he’ll realize that you may leave, but you will come back!

This first year has flown by. Your little one has finally reached her first birthday and reached many of her first developmental stages. Of course, you’ll want to celebrate, but you should remember that she is still little and may be overwhelmed by a too large celebration. Be sure to spend lots of time cuddling her during the day! Remember, the next year will fly by just as quickly, so don’t forget to capture as many memories as you can with a camera!


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