Courseware : Typography

This product consists of instructional materials combined with technology approaches to enhance computer-based learning. The software focuses on topic: TYPOGRAPHY Design that can help visual art teachers to teach. This multimedia courseware was designed purposely for undergraduates students who taking ADE520 Typography and Page Composition. The initiative having this courseware are 1) to promote a LECTURE MAKER as an easier tool to develop a teaching material. 2) To promote students actively engaged with i-Learn while the lecturer provides them an innovative presentation of learning materials. 3) To ensure blended learning is fully-utilize the university level and to support ubiquitous learning environment. Multimedia courseware is a platform for all to communicate, share and explore knowledge. Using such a courseware will be an added benefit during the learning process. Although the integration of such elements within a CBL environment is expected to motivate learners, educators wonder how to ensure the learning process is at its optimum level. There is little technology exploited in the teaching of art other than the conventional method of chalk and talk and demonstration. Thus the presentation in this software, which is structured, is expected to help learners go through the contents and to respond positively to the activities. It employs a non-linear, problem-based, student-centered, constructivist approach to assist learning.


  1. This courseware was created and design by LectureMaker and only can be viewed in Windows Operating System (PC Based).
  2. To get a better visual, you need to download the FONT into your computer system.
  3. The files run as EXE file.

Please download this courseware as listed.

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to Typography
  2. Chapter 2 : Using Type Creatively
  3. Chapter 3 : History of Typography
  4. Chapter 4 : Typeface Families and its Evolution
  5. Chapter 5 : Anatomy of Typography
  6. Chapter 6 : Rules in Typography
  7. Chapter 7 : Typography in Design
  8. Font Type 1 and Type 2

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