Topic 0018: Design and Development Methods and Strategies

Design and Development Methods & Strategies

Design and development research uses a wide variety of methodologies. Evaluation research techniques (both quantitative and qualitative) are also included in many studies.  The list of tables represent the methods commonly used in design and development research;

 Common Methods Employed in Design and Development Research

Type of Research Project Emphasis Research Method Employed
Product & Tool Research Comprehensive Design & Development Projects case study, content analysis, evaluation, field observation, in-depth interview
Product & Tool Research Phases of Design & Development Case study, content analysis, expert review, , field observation, in-depth interview, survey
Product & Tool Research Tool Development & Use Evaluation, expert review, in-depth interview, survey
Model Research Model Development Case study, delphi, in-depth interview, literature review, survey, think-aloud methods
Model Research Model Validation Experimental, expert review, in-depth interview
Model Research Model Use Case study, content analysis, field observation, in-depth interview, survey, think-aloud methods


The terms ‘mixed method research’ has been used to describe those studies that combine qualitative and quantitative methods. This is a way of using multiple approaches to answer given research questions.

Ross and Morisson (2004) support this trend when they take the position that qualitative and quantitative approaches are more useful when used together than when either is used alone and when combine, are likely to yield a richer and more valid understanding.

Johnson and Onwuegbuzie (2004) describe the areas of agreement between two advocates of both positions:

  • While individual perception are affected by one’s background experience, there are not different realities, but simply varying perceptions.
  • It possible for one data set to be compatible with different theories, i.e., there are alternative explanations of phenomena.
  • There is not always final proof of empirical research.
  • Researchers are bound by their values, attitudes and beliefs.

The fundamental agreement make mixed methods research not only practical in many situation, but also sound logically. However, in many design and development studies that employ multiple research methods are not mixing the qualitative and quantitative orientations. They are simply making use of a variety of similar strategies.


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