Topic 0011: Conceptual Framework vs Theoretical Framework

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Understanding of Conceptual Framework

This conceptual framework that is placed within logical and sequential design. It respresents less formal structure and used for studies in which existing theory is inapplicable or insufficient. It’s aslo based on specific concepts and propositions derived from the empirical observation and intuition. It may deduce theories from a conceptual framework.

Understanding of Theoretical Framework

The theory provides a point of focus for attacking the unknown in a specific area. If a relationship is found between two or more variables a theory should be formulated to explain why relationship exists. Theories are purposely created and formulated, never discovered, they can tested but never proven. The function of theory in research is to identify the starting point of the research problem and to establish the direction. It determines and defines the focus and objective of the research problem.

Conceptual Framework

Theoretical Framework

  • To clarify concepts and propose relationships among the concepts in a study.
  • To provide a context for interpreting the study findings
  • To explain the observations.
  • To encourage theory development that is useful to practice.
  • To test theories
  • To make research findings meaningful and generalizable
  • To establish orderly connection/interrelated
  • To predict and control
  • To derived from a specific concept and the proposition that are induced or deduced.
  • To stimulate research

How to Develop Conceptual and Theoretical Framework

  1. Select the concepts
  2. Identify the interrelationship among concepts
  3. Formulate definition; to develop a theoretical framework that can generate and test hypotheses, concept must be clearly defined.
    • conceptual definition (conveys the general meaning of the concept.
    • operational definition (adds another dimension to the conceptual by delineating the procedures or operations required to measure the concept.
  4. Formulating the conceptual and theoretical rational
    • Through the literature review, an researcher becomes aware of or confirms identified theoretical connection between variables.
  5. Framework lead data analysis
    • to observe behaviours, situations, interactions etc.
    • to answer research questions



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