Formulating Research Question

STEP 1: Formulating Research Question

Before you begin writing a proposal, take some time to map out your research strategy. A good first step is to formulate a research question.

A Research Question is a statement that identifies the phenomenon to be studied. For example, “How to design and develop the e-Portfolio design principles as an instructional tool for teaching and learning?”

To develop a strong research question from your ideas, you should ask yourself these things:

  • Do I know the field and its literature well?
  • What are the important research questions in my field?
  • What areas need further exploration?
  • Could my study fill a gap? Lead to greater understanding?
  • Has a great deal of research already been conducted in this topic area?
  • Has this study been done before? If so, is there room for improvement?
  • Is the timing right for this question to be answered? Is it a hot topic, or is it becoming obsolete?
  • If you are proposing an innovation or intervention, is the target community interested?
  • Most importantly, will my study have a significant impact on the field?
  • A research focus should be narrow, not broad-based.





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