What Do You Say? IPad for Teaching and Learning 24/08/2014

Hi everyone, please share your comment and suggestion for the betterment of this workshop in future. Thank you for your time and cooperation.


4 thoughts on “What Do You Say? IPad for Teaching and Learning 24/08/2014”

  1. Thank you En. Shamsul. A very interesting course. Maybe a follow-up would be good to see if all that we have learnt can be shared with the same group. Overall, a good presentation.

  2. I enjoyed yr workshop. Glad u r very patient wif us.. The Not so iPad savvy academicians. 😉
    Mayb in d future you can focus only on one or two apps n allow us to play around from A-Z til we master them.

  3. It would be great if I have an ipad before attending this workshop.. Still, I learn a lot about teccchnology which actually can make my life as an educator easier and more interesting…

  4. As Salam, yes a very good course indeed however I do agree with PM Alauyah & Farah that we need a follow up & also have sessions we can really try the Apps (hands on). Tq very much for sharing ur knowledge with us.

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