Mobile Learning Interactive Presentation

Here I would like to share the interactive presentation on mobile learning (m-learning). Nowdays, mobile learning become the alternative to support teaching and learning. The transition of traditional; such chalk and talk, moved to e-learning and today m-learning grab the attention of teacher-student to using it. So this video will describe the current scenario in m-learning.


4 thoughts on “Mobile Learning Interactive Presentation”

  1. HI Snazlan nice post, thanks for sharing. it depicts the state of ploay in mobile elanring industry clearly and in a concise manner. Mobile learning has emerged as the next frontier in eLEarning and the benefits involved are immense in nature. However, one of the most glaring issue in mlearning is how to ensure continuous learning in an offline or limited connectivity environment. In my quest to find a solution for this, I came across a webinar on “Interactive eLearning in Low Internet Bandwidth Environments” which promises to present a solution that enables organizations to overcome issue of limited or no internet connectivity and offer anytime anywhere access to eLearning content. You can register Here:

    1. Yes, I agreed with your point. Currently, m-learning become trendy because of the assessibility “anywhere and anytime”, however the biggest challenge is wireless connection as what u said before. It sound interesting when you said about webinar on “Interactive eLearning in Low Internet Bandwidth Environments”. I will looking forward to join it. Thanks for that info.

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