Write Good Research Methodology

Research is conducted for the purpose of discovering, interpreting, enhancing, developing standards to systematize measurements, and furthering advancement of knowledge. Methodology is the rationale behind collection of concepts, ideas, theories, and assumptions. Combined, a good research methodology is a technique of collecting data systematically. For all those wondering how to write a good research methodology, try using the few tips given below.

Steps to Write Good Research Methodology

An introduction of the research subject, the main problem it attempts to solve, objectives of researching the particular subject should be mentioned in the introduction. A clear introduction is essential to hold the reader’s attention, and give the reader a brief preview of what is to come.

Main Body
The main body contains the content relating to the introduction. Review, opinions, and references all relating to the main research subject, either defining, explaining, justifying or defying the theory. This part will also consist your findings, and reasons for their validation. The subject matter explanation can be described through content, images, graphs, etc. The basic review in an elaborated form, forms the main body of the research.

Research Method
The authenticity and cogency of the research depends upon the validity of research data, the reliability of measures taken to amass the data, as well as the time taken to conduct the analysis. Hence, it is imperative to provide the reader with details of data collection and generation, analysis method of the problems, with their solutions or effects of the researched data.

Comparative Discussion
Present interpretation of the results, and provide comparative analysis with results of previous research, methods used to obtain the data. This will allow the reader to have a diversified view of the subject, and a better understanding of validating your research.

The conclusion should answer the most basic question about the research subject and the question it posed, whether the problem has been solved. Whether the stated objectives have been met, and if the applied methodology was successful in the correct analysis of the research. A note on the shortcomings of the research, or the methodology in research will help the future researchers to analyze and perfect future researches.

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