Sarawak Handicraft Products …Work of Fine arts and Crafts.

Sarawak handicrafts come in varied texture..shapes..and form owning to the rich tapestry of culture within Sarawak. May it be weaving or printed fabrics..wood craving..bead works..rattan basket..rattan mat or ceramic..all these crafts have its own design..unique to each ethnic group. Sarawak arts and crafts are uniquely design based on age-old fables. They are inspired by the beauty and bounty of Sarawak..our homeland.

Sarawak is renowned for its rich diversity of traditional handicraft products. These are work of fine art and crafts by the multi-racial community of Sarawak. The Beadworks by the Orang Ulu ladies are beautiful and fine crafts. These colourful beads of different sizes are beautifully fashioned into artistic….fashionable necklaces…rings…bracelet and earrings. These beads are also being used to decorate headgear and baby carrier.

Iban House

Traditional Craft (Beads)

The Steps

The Iban community are well known for their skill in weaving the Pua Kumbu. In the Iban Pua series are the Pua Kumbu…Pua Sungkit and thePua Karap. Among the three…Pua Sungkit are no longer available in the market due to the tedious weaving process. In the Iban traditional Costume…Pua Karap is the preferred choice for the skirt due to its refined weaving technique. Pua Kumbu is the most popular and in-demand due it functionality and decorative nature.



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