Product Shoot Tips

Product shoot required a time to setting up, somehow before need a pre shoot to identify the correct lighting position. Its quite demanding job but the result is unpredictables…

  1. Lenses.  An assortment of lenses, however primes tend to be favored because of their sharpness.  Macro lenses for detail shots are also used and for some work a tilt-shift lens is desired to avoid distortion.
  2. Lighting.  Multi-strobe setup with umbrellas, softboxes, ringflash, snoots, grids and other lighting modifiers.  Also flags to block light.
  3. Backgrounds & more.  Seamless paper of every color, but also specific items like light tents, light cubes, clear plexiglass, and black plexiglass.
  4. Tripod.  This is essential so you can move and adjust lighting and keep your camera consistent.
  5.  Preparation.  The amount of time you put into your preparation will result in the quality of your photography.  The smallest bit of dirt, dust and fingerprints will show in your photos.  Keep a microfiber cloth and other cleaning supplies handy, the last thing you want is to spend hours in post production removing tiny bits of dust when you could have spent a few minutes cleaning before the shoot.
  6. The unseen.  A lot of products can’t support themselves, need a stand or special rigging.  These can vary from dress forms for clothing to elaborate, hand bent aluminum rods used to hold a product in place properly and even fishing line, only to be removed in post processing.

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Optimus Prime 03

Eva 12

Abe Sapien 04Photos from snazlan@copyright



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