Labu Sayong

Kampong Sayong where the ‘labu Sayong’ takes it name after, is seen here from the opposite bank of the Perak river near Kuala Kangsar town. Most of the villagers expert in doing ceramic whether its traditionally or modern techniques. The SME business slightly gave the opportunities to them extend the market wider. Here, the are selling the ceramics with a variety of size, design and purpose. The uniques of ceramic, its just now only to save a water in the tumbler, but it used to be decoration in living. So, grab the opportunity to have one in your house.

Those, who fall in love with this ceramic…just check at:

Sayong 01

Sayong 02

Sayong 03

Sayong 05

Sayong 06

Sayong 07

Sayong 10Photo taken by snazlan@copyright



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