Know Your W/B…

Below is a quick explanation of the different white balance modes on a standard SLR;

Auto white balance – with this setting, your camera will work out what the best white balance is for that situation. This is usually pretty good; but not always accurate.

Tungsten – this setting is good for shooting indoors, especially in dimly lit restaurants that tend to make your shots red. This will cool down the colours in your photos.

Fluorescent – this will remove the green/blue tinge you get when shooting under flourescent lighting. This will help make the colour in your shots warmer.

Cloudy – this will make the colours in your shots warmer.

Flash – the flash can generally create cooler colour tones. This setting makes the colours in your shot warmer.

Shade – Light in the shade is generally cooler in tones, this mode will help make those colours warmer.

Kelvin – this allows you to manually set up the temperature of the light of your shots. Below is a rough guide on how to adjust it according to the setting you’re photographing in;

  • Candle light – 2000K
  • Lightbulbs – 3500K
  • Daylight – 5000K – 5500K
  • Cloudy – 6500K
  • Shade – 7500K
  • Dark Shade – 9000K

Source taken from

Zoo Melaka 04


Single HornPhotos by snazlan@copyright


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