Exposure Tips:

  1. Set your Camera to the manual mode. (M)
  2. Start with setting desired ISO. The lower the ISO the lower the noise/ grain in your image. If you desire smooth look set your camera to ISO 100. And if you are going for grainy look set to 800 or 1600
  3. Set your f-stop. When photographing a sunset use your aperture to control the depth of field. For Example: F11-22 will ensure the focus edge to edge. While f5.6 to f2.8 will allow you to have selective focus. When using the sunset as a backdrop for your subject you might like to have the subject (person, silhouette, rock, boat etc..) in focus and let the sky go blurry. Once you have made a conscious decision about ISO and the f-stop it’s time to control the intensity of the sun.
  4. Shutter speed. As nick pointed out in the video above, increasing Shutter speed with decrease the intensity of the light and will increase vividness of the sunset. Try overriding your light meter by a full stop or two and experiment until you get desired exposure. As the only control you use is the shutter speed this with be quick task.

Note: if your shutter speed is below 1/30 sec you will need a tripod. If photographing people during sunset you want to be at 1/60 sec and above to avoid motion blur, also if photographing people during the sunset you might want consider using off-camera flash as well.

Advanced: When photographing on the beach try using a neutral density filter (or polarizing filter as it will knock off a stop) and lower your shutter speed to 1/15 sec. So the waves will produce a dreamy water effect.

Source taken from

Sunset @ Chenang

Sunset @ ChenangPhotos taken by snazlan@copyright


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