GAP Analysis…how to get it???

Just wanna share tips, how to get the GAP?

I had an experience bila jumpa supervisor, the 1st question is “what is you GAP & contribution”? Wow, mau tak tercengang, yelah we did prepared the proposal dan belum baca lagi dia dah tanya soalan tu. Puas jugak baca, surfing dan bertanya…then i came up with a formula for example identify IDEAL SITUATION vs CURRENT SITUATION then you will get the GAP, the mean its really need a lot of readings, itu yang orang kata the 6-8 months is the time tu digest all the findings on journal etc. Maybe after this, those yang tercari-cari apa itu GAP ANALYSIS there is some tips. Do some readings is not that difficult but the analysis and synthesis its take alot of time, want I’m doing is used Mendeley to ensure I have a systematic documentation and tracking.


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