One of my wish list has been accomplish, new mac book pro for those inspire apple look in their office table. I accompanied my wife went to Machines at Mid Valley bought it at price RM3899 for body + RM229 Apple Magic Mice + VGA Adapter + RM138 Protector chasing + RM120 Belkin Backpack. I’m so lucky my kind wife with bought this to me and it take so long dream come true.

Mac is better at the things you do every day.

The things you do most often on a computer, like browsing the web, checking email, and working with Microsoft Office files, are some of the things the Mac does best.

The first time you use a Mac, you’ll quickly discover the benefits of a single company making the hardware, software, and operating system. Take the Multi-Touch trackpad on the MacBook Pro. Mac OS X Snow Leopard enables trackpad gestures, so you can interact more easily with your photos, documents, and the web. Zoom in or out on images with a pinch. Scroll up and down a page with a flick. Or flip through your web bookmarks like you’re turning the pages in a book.

A Mac also has Wi-Fi technology built in1 and can join wireless networks (even Windows networks) in a few clicks. Just select your network, enter a password if necessary, and you’re connected. There’s no configuration process or complicated setup. Like a lot of things, the Mac does it all for you.

A Mac is great at day-to-day things, too. It comes loaded with all the essentials for email, calendar, contacts, browsing the Internet, and much more. And since these applications are all made by Apple, they all work together seamlessly. The Mac can also open Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel, and even run Windows — so it’s compatible with the PC world.

Note: Thanks to my wife gave me a such beautiful gift…:)


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