Ninth Month Baby


Ninth Month Baby

Your baby’s menu should be quite broad by now. He should be adept at eating various foods, and she may have three or four teeth to aid her as he eats. If so, you can probably progress to foods that are labeled “second stage”. These will have more texture and include soft lumps. Most babies handle table foods well (mash them up with a fork) but go slowly when adding new foods. If there is a family history of allergies then it’s best to delay highly allergenic foods like eggs or wheat products. Solid foods aren’t so important at this age. Your baby’s primary food should still be breast milk or formula.

If your baby is going to crawl, he may be doing it by this time or in the next month or so. You may discover that your baby loves to cruise around the furniture. Once she is able to sit herself up, the next step will be to maneuver himself over to a piece of furniture, pull-up, and eventually walk beside the furniture. When he gets a little braver, she’ll let go and tentatively take a few hesitant steps before dropping to the floor.

She’ll still enjoy being read and sung to, and she’ll also enjoy toys that she can stack or push and pull. She will be curious about how things work, so give her plenty of age appropriate toys to encourage this curiosity. Many babies at this age become fascinated with any toy which makes a noise.



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