Eighth Month Baby

Eighth Month Baby

By now your baby may have mastered the art of movement. In fact, you may place him on the floor, turn your back for a moment, and discover that he has moved several feet away. He may not be crawling yet, but that won’t stop him from reaching his desired destination!

Some babies move by scooting on their bottoms, pushing themselves backwards on their tummies, rolling, or rising to their hands and knees and then flopping forwards. These may be preliminary crawling movements, but some babies never actually crawl at all. They simply progress from creeping to pulling up and walking. The age of a baby and the type movement he uses will vary greatly for each individual child.

By the time your baby is eight months of age, she should be able to sit well with assistance, and she may even be able to sit up on her own by this time. Don’t be surprised to find her sitting up in her crib one day when you walk into her room. She’ll probably greet your with a big smile, too!


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