Eleventh Month Baby


Eleventh Month Baby

Your baby’s first birthday is fast approaching. She’s learned so many skills already, and she has developed quite a personality. You may notice that your little one is a little bit of a show-off, and it isn’t any wonder! She probably has a continuous audience of family members and friends.

By the time your baby is approaching his first birthday, he may be taking a few tentative steps. Some babies have already mastered the art of walking, at least enough to get them from one place to another fairly quickly. Some babies still prefer to crawl, however, if they are in a hurry to reach a new destination.

Your baby may be able to feed herself simple finger foods, but you should still avoid giving her foods that are choking hazards, such as nuts, grapes, hot dogs, peanut butter, and hard candies.

He will still enjoy reading books with you, and you may discover that your little one loves to move to music. There are many educational videos and cds that play lots of fun songs which encourage your baby to move to the rhythm.

Don’t be surprise if your baby is very attached to you. He may cry when you leave him because he doesn’t understand the concept of time yet. Be sure to give him plenty of extra hugs and kisses before you leave and when you return. Eventually, he’ll realize that you may leave, but you will come back!

This first year has flown by. Your little one has finally reached her first birthday and reached many of her first developmental stages. Of course, you’ll want to celebrate, but you should remember that she is still little and may be overwhelmed by a too large celebration. Be sure to spend lots of time cuddling her during the day! Remember, the next year will fly by just as quickly, so don’t forget to capture as many memories as you can with a camera!



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